Digital Marketing Services & Chatbot Development Services - Why You Need It

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Digital Marketing is a necessity going into 2019

2019 was an exceptional year for digital marketing services, AI, chatbot development and local SEO. At Bluoo Digital, we’ve seen countless local businesses who have understood the importance of going digital. They have all contracted local digital marketing services for Seattle, Bainbridge Island or Tacoma and have taken their businesses to the next level.

In 2020, things aren’t going to slow down. In fact, according to Chatbotmagazine, chatbots will continue to be big in the following years. For local businesses, developing an intelligent & conversational digital interaction will be key in succeeding.

Without further ado, we want to get straight to the point and show you why you desperately need digital marketing services and chatbot development if you want to outsmart your local competitors and get an edge in your highly competitive niche. Not only that, but it will help ease up the pressure on your support staff or aid in answering common questions that are frequently asked.

What are Digital Marketing Services and Why you Need it?

We live in the age of speed, where everything revolves around simplicity, ease of use and digitalization. We buy online, sell online, keep track of our activities on the cloud and even work online. We are more connected than ever before, and that translates into bigger profits for local companies.

As a contractor or small venture based in Silverdale, Port Orchard, Gig Harbor, or Seattle, you need to realize how important it is to be active on digital. No matter what you sell, most of your customers will want to interact with you online. It’s easier, simpler and more cost-effective.

Let’s say that you own a local restaurant. According to recent stats from Google, people pay more when ordering food online. Customers are also more eager to reserve a table when the restaurant has a cool app that looks enticing and is easy to use. By going digital and by getting a local digital marketing service, you can rest assured that your company will grow like never before.

Here are some valid reasons why you need Digital Marketing Services for Your Business.

  • - Next-gen lead delivery: digital marketing generates the highest-quality leads possible, at the lowest cost. A good digital marketing agency can dramatically ramp up your business by converting old leads into sales via re-marketing and by driving more quality leads that convert better.
  • -Gain massive exposure: with digital awareness services Bainbridge Island, your company can get a huge amount of exposure in your area. Once you rank high locally and you get listed in Google’s Local 3-Pack, you will gain access to an untapped market of viable leads.
  • -Mobile app integration: mobile apps allow you to literally be in your customers’ pockets at all times. With custom app development, you’ll have direct access to your customers every single day. This will allow you to send out special offers, grow your brand and boost your sales with ease.

Chatbot Development Services? – Why Would You Need It?

Your business needs a chatbot development service if you want to stay competitive and be ahead of the curve in 2020. With chatbots, you can get to the next level and digitalize your conversations with your prospects and customers. This interactive digital customer service is cheaper to maintain, easier to scale & analyze and better for your customers’ satisfaction.

Here are 5 reasons why you should leverage chatbot development in 2020 going into 2021:

1. Automated customer support:

Chatbots allow you to automate answers for similar queries, thus decreasing response time and consequently increasing customer satisfaction.

2. Save human resources: this comes as a two-fold benefit for your business. You are not just saving money by hiring fewer people, but you can also use your human resources wisely for other tasks.

3. Get ahead of your competitors and increase engagement:

Because chatbot development is coming out of its inception, offering a chatbot or messenger bot can push you ahead of your competitors with customer engagement alone. If the chatbot or messenger bot is designed and implemented to the specificities of your business, you can capitalize on that engagement.

4. Custom engagement:

This is starting to become the norm for any business...small or large. You want to be able to have custom engagements with the people visiting your website or social properties. You may have products targeted at different demographics. Doesn't it make sense to customize the engagement for each of those products?

5. Chatbot Segmentation:

Segmenting your chatbot or messenger bot is extremely important. This goes hand in hand with custom engagements. Segmenting the engagement is where the rubber meets the road.

A quick example would be, let's say you're a Sports Store and you have multiple products for all seasons. Custom engagement would take the user, let's say, Jim who skis, to your winter sports page. Now, this is where it gets cool. Let's say, Jim, who ordered a pair of skis last season also marked down in his profile (or added to his cart and removed later on) some gloves, boots and a pink mask for his wife.

We can take this information and now segment it to Jim and recommend specific items upon the return to your don't even need to send him an email. He is engaged with all of this information the next time he comes to your site. So instead of having to spend time shopping around and experiencing any online friction, you can offer him the latest model of gloves he removed from his cart and show him the different colors of women's masks you've added to the store, matching the same size he noted in the cart before. If done the right way, you can increase your sales by up to 167% in some cases that we've seen.

Go Forth and Create Chatbot Magic

By adopting chatbots, you can easily lure all those tech-savvy customers who are eager to see what you have in store for them. If you want to leverage the power of local digital marketing services in Seattle, Silverdale, Port Orchard, Gig Harbor, Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo and Tacoma, and also to make the most out of chatbot development, we recommend you work with the most creative digital marketing agency in Washington state. We are always here to consult as well, these things can be done on your own with guidance.

chatbots digital marketing digital marketing for business