How SEO has Changed for Business

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Are you wondering what's going to happen in 2019 and how seo has changed for business in general? There have been tons of updates regarding what is going on with SEO and new algorithm updates that have literally dropped thousands of businesses all over the world.

How SEO has changed for business
SEO is constantly changing but it's a necessary evil for all businesses.

So, How Should You Approach SEO if you are a Business today?

Content Creation

Effective content creation is difficult and time consuming. For example, by the time this blog post is over I’ll have written about 3000 words of useful, relevant information. Between researching keywords, finding references, and coming up with the content, ideas, and examples laid out here, I will have spent between three and four hours. Of course, a person that writes content for a living might be a bit faster than me, but you get the idea!

On-Site SEO

On-site SEO is exactly what it sounds like. Companies that offer search engine optimization services will go in to your existing website content and ensure that it meets current standards and best practices. This will include checking for a lot of the same things that we talked about in the content creation section and remember how seo has changed for business going into 2019 you have to make sure your on-site seo is top notch.

Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO is exactly what it sounds like: It is all the SEO that takes place outside of your actual website. There are a number of strategies that companies offering search engine optimization services will deploy in order to improve off-site SEO:

  • Building Backlinks
  • Pay for Professional Listings
  • Write Guest Blog Posts

RED ALERT: Google now looks at the backlink source and assesses its QUALITY. If the source page does not have similar content or is a known backlink seller, you won’t see any gains and will sometimes get your ranking penalized. This is how SEO has changed for business - In 90% of cases, it is a bad idea to pay for backlinks.

Full SEO Audit

Depending upon the size of your website, a full SEO audit could take hours or days. When doing an audit with an agency that offers search engine optimization services, it is important to set forth the goals and expectations very early in the process. Since there are so many variances from one website to another, the price and timeline are a little different each time.

Do you see how seo has changed for business?

It honestly, used to be so easy with videos, a few blogs, a couple of backlinks here and there...but now, Google has been hard at work with making sure the authority sites have high quality backlinks and that their site is constantly being updated with new and relevant content. This rule really hasn't changed, but the implementation of social media and constant posting now sends signals that the more likes, the more shares and the more "content" that is produced consistently gets the most attention. This is the common phrase about going viral. Be very aware of what can happen if you go about your seo the wrong way. Especially today. There is no room for mistakes and honestly, no room for second best.

We are always open to do a free consultation so please get in touch with us today to set that up. SEO has changed for business and we are here to help guide you through the online gauntlet.

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